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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wanna get away?

The bishop of Spokane is asking Catholics in his diocese to pungle up about $1,000 per family to pay off the sex abuse settlements recently reached with victims of priests and the church bureaucracy. If they don't get the dough from the faithful, the church says it will have to borrow it.

One priest makes a splendid suggestion to his parishioners: Put it on plastic, so that you'll get frequent flyer miles.

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Put it on plastic, so that you'll get frequent flyer miles.

So when you are on vacation you can sleep well knowing that you helped pay off the antics of a pedophile priest. Good luck with that.

Put it on plastic? Kind of symbolic how the Roman Catholic Church has been using it's "Spritiual Credit" from it's parishioners who have supported these criminal bishops and pedophiles all along. Hasn't the diocese already demonstrated their spiritual bankruptcy and now they want more from the "sheeple?" When money is the root of all evil, why does the Church beg for it?

A local priest friend of ours used to use very creative accounting to keep assets out from the archdiocese's hands. He characterized the archdiocese as something akin to the Vatican Bank. The Archbishop of Spokane sounds like he interned at the Vatican Bank.

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