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Monday, May 14, 2007

Survivor Portland Bureaucracy: Day 10

It's time to shake things up on Survivor Portland City Hall: Bureaucracy Edition. Environmental Dean was flushed from the island on Friday, but unlike the caffeine-tainted Willamette, our show is starting to lose its pep. Voter turnout is starting to lag. Pretty soon we'll have fewer people participating than in the actual Portland election, which would be a real disgrace. And so our producers have decided that it's time to add a new player to the mix.

Enter Paul -- Paul Scarlett, that is, director of the city Bureau of Development Services. He arrives on the island today, and is immediately included in the Tribal Council vote. With Dean departing and Paul coming on board, the number of city agency heads on the island remains at 9.

Another new feature we're introducing today is Random Immunity. All this week, we'll have our sophisticated computer system randomly pick one player for immunity each night. But the computer's choice will be retroactive: Random Immunity applies to the vote from earlier that same day. And so any player headed for expulsion can luck out and be redeemed by the computer at the last minute. If the player getting the most votes is awarded Random Immunity, the player with the second-most votes is expelled that day. The Random Immunity winner will not be announced until balloting is closed for the night. Sure, that means that your vote may not matter much. Think of it as kind of like the Convention Center expansion.

In addition, we'll continue the practice of granting Media Immunity to any player mentioned in print or online by Nigel Jaquiss, Phil Stanford, or Randy Gragg. But that immunity applies only to the day after the media mention. (BTW, there's been no mention of any of our players by that triumvirate of journalistic talent since Thursday, and so no one has Media Immunity today.)

All right, we hope the new features are reasonably clear. If not, perhaps these detailed voter guides will help explain them:

It's time to get down to business. Please vote another one of the city bureau directors out of the picture. Do it for any reason, or for no reason, but do it just once a day, please. We'll keep at this, every city workday, until only one bureaucrat survives.

If you need a better feel for the players who are up for a vote, remember that photos of the original cast, and links to all of their bureaus, are here. Paul's photo and bureau link are, of course, provided above. Good luck, players:

Some new rules, but the same game. Who should be the next Portland city bureau chief to leave the island?
Amalia - Office of Neighborhood Involvement Director Amalia Alarcon
Chief Dave - Fire Chief Dave Sprando
Water Dave - Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff
Ken - Interim Chief Administrative Officer Ken Rust
Lisa - Emergency Communications Bureau Director Lisa Turley
Paul - Development Services Bureau Director Paul Scarlett
Rosie - Police Chief Rosie Sizer
Revenue Sue - Revenue Bureau Director Sue Klobertanz
Will - Housing and Community Development Bureau Director William White
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Comments (1)

Proceeding from the premise that anyone running a Bureau with the word "Development"| in is title is unnecessary, and in the spirit of welcoming new arrivals, Paul is our choice to leave. Its been brief, but its been fun. Not.

Bye Paul.

And yes, I agree that Amalia is useless, but she doesn't actively do any damage, and the amount of money she wastes is relatively minor.

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