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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Simple Blessing of the Day

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I might get punched a little, but I need to make my standard rant about the DEQ vehicle inspection program.

I am driving a 2003 Taurus (you know, the one with the bullet hole) and before that a '97 Thunderbird. For both those vehicles, the inspection process was limited to the tech plugging a lead into my auto's computer system and having it come back and say "OK". No actual tail pipe probing, no checking under the hood for things being connected or disconnected, no putting it on the dyno.

Now, in these later model vehicles, if the computer tells the car "NOT OK" the car won't start or run. Period. So my contention is that the inspection is not necessary in vehicles manufactured beyond a certain year.

What do you folks think?

What about your HC emissions at 2,500 RPM? Your CO and CO2?

You only give a slice of the complete emissions test picture here....

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