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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How high's the water, Mama?

The Portland Water Bureau says it's got the part it needs to fix the pooling function at the fountain in Jamison Park in the Pearl District. At last report, the plan was to fix it this morning before the day heats up and the kids make the scene.

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There are kids in the Pearl District?


I figured the fountain was for all the dogs to drink from.

Few kids live there, but they come from all over town to play in the fountain. It drives some of the DINKs in the condos crazy. Ya gotta love it.

There is nothing better then to see Pearl condo owners complain to police, rangers, maintenance workers and anyone else "official" about how "all of these kids are from the other side of the river that are using the fountains." Of course they are complaining while their dog is taking a crap on the sidewalk....

I hate that attitude and that is why I propose the city start running buses from parks on the eastside for the kids to use the Jamison fountain daily...it is much better then the dinky wading pools in most parks!

Repairs were finished yesterday. It's up and running for the wee ones.

David Shaff
Portland Water Bureau

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