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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Familiar sequence

This on Wednesday. This on Thursday -- with no mention of Wednesday.


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Remember the O's motto: "If it's news in Oregon, it's news to us."

Their circulation is rapidly declining, and they're getting desperate. I got a call from them the other day to offer me daily and Sunday for 50 cents less per week than my present daily only service, for a year. I asked that they give me the price reduction and don't even bother with Sunday, as it's even less newsworthy than the daily. They refused, but the Sunday paper arrived anyway.

Money and developers have no party, only rip-off off plans. Dimmos as well as repugs worship the quick dollar, and Betsy is no different. Where is Jeff huff and puff Merkley and his ethics reform? The worship of quick profits by fleecing tax-payers isn't allocated to any one party. Johnson represents two of poorest counties in Oregon and not this..shame on her. And guess what? Nothing will happen..just Bull-Sh**t. Yes Virgina, there ain't no justice.

Sorry, is this news? I looked at BlueOregon and no mention at all!!! Alas all those web inches dedicated to how big a crook GOrdon SMith is.

haven't we figured out yet that outlying communities have followed portlands model. Look at the couv.

Not at all making it right (just the opposite), but Betsy Johnson's conflict of interest is no different than Homer William and the likes participating in discussions then voting on issues on the SoWhat URAC that directly benefites them with direct, definable economic gain. Just examine the last Amendment 8 to the SoWhat Agreement and Homer has several items that had absolute dollar numbers that uniquely benefited him. Declaration of conflict or not was not made.

This and other failures of PDC to examine "conflict of interest" was requested with explicite examples given. But no follow-up occurred and inquiry by the State Ethics Commission. Only result was to have a subsequent URAC meeting review state ethics regs and PDC's attorney discussing legal definition of "conflict of interest" and procedures to follow.

I believe it is time for states attorney general Hardy Myer and the State Ethics Commission to investigate and start enforcing. And it is time for the state legislator to review the issue of "conflict of interest" and give it more teeth than a slap on the wrist.

"I believe it is time for states attorney general Hardy Myer and the State Ethics Commission to investigate and start enforcing. And it is time for the state legislator to review the issue of "conflict of interest" and give it more teeth than a slap on the wrist."

I think the elevated importance of relationships and loyalty over legal and ethical standards in this states makes a meaningful investigation highly unlikely.

It is also noteworthy that at these SoWhat meetings, the Oregonian had reporters that witnessed the conflict of interest votes that were questioned by the some members of the URAC. Did you see any of the reporting? But you did with Johnson.

I would be interested if members on the other ten Portland URAs had similar conflict of interest voting and discussions. I know of two URAC members from other URAs noting the same concerns at a general meeting PDC held with all interested URAC members to learn about the basic responsibilities of URAC functions.

Lee, there's a lot to complain about WD/JO/NMI's monopoly in North Macadam, and I often agree with your sideline observations, but, respectfully speaking, aren't you being a bit alarmist about the conflict of interest issue here? There can never be an actual conflict because the NMURAC is only advisory. None of the rare votes bind the PDC to anything. It's not like a corrupt state senator whose vote has an effect.

Incidentally, if the NMURAC votes did matter, there wouldn't be a WD/JO/NMI monopoly, and development in district would proceed more wisely, and more in the best interest of the public. The URAC isn't the problem - even the few members who act in their own self-interest - it's the reckless, well-intentioned dreamers on the PDC board and staff who ignore the thoughtful advice of the majority of the NMURAC members.

nobody spends over a half-million dollars on a vacant lot unless they're fairly certain--in advance--how they're going to dispose of it.

nobody introduces a Bill aimed at benefiting a very specific kind of property and owner unless they're fairly certain--in advance--whom that Bill is going to benefit.

Jim, I agree in large part with your second paragraph but not with your first.

As the PDC attorney told the SoWhat URAC and other review of Oregon's statutes on the issue of "conflict of interest, an advisory position must meet the same requirements as the PDC Commission, or a state legislator, or a city councilperson. The attorney advice stated that URAC members had the same conflict of interest liabilities as a PDC commissioner.

And isn't a committee such as a URAC mightly important in reviewing and advising on issues of an URA? Why have URAC's if all the thinking and decision making occurs at the PDC Commission level? Also, one would think that one URAC might have more knowledge of the minutia of a URA when the PDC Commission has to be knowledgeable about all eleven URAs-plus they must help run the whole PDC machine which is no small task, plus they must coordinate with all the city bureaus, city council, and all.

Betsy Johnson is one of the good old Goldschmidt cabal. I'll bet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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