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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coming of age

I think it's high time that I stopped calling Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten by the nickname "Opie." He's not a kid any more. He's all grown up -- isn't he around 40?

But hey, the youngsters all still look up to him. And so from here on out, I think we ought to go with this. Whaddya think?

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What? Fonzie was a fictional character?

No way! Fonzie was cool. Fonzie always got the girl. Fonzie was a badass when he needed to be. None of those things sync with Sten.

And it sets up the inevitable "jumped the shark" comment.

Sten is 40 by chronological time, but in real time he is hovering around 10.

He reminds more of a Farkle family member than Opie. Maybe a long lost cousin, from the less freckled branch of the family.

More like Potsie.....

You can stop calling him Opie after he has his first colonoscopy.

Defacto is the operative word here. Fits.

How much affordable housing could we have built for the money spent on the water bill fiasco, the PGE 'deal', and the tram?

I think they could have covered the entire South Waterfront with affordable housing.

With those teeth he could eat a baby's butt thru a park bench.

Is he really that old? Seriously, I thought he was only in his early 30s.

He has been on the city council for 11 years. I thought he was 28 or 29 when first elected. He graduated college in 1989. That would likely put his year of birth at 1967 or '68.

He's Sten E. Coyote - constantly coming up with ideas and inventions that backfire violently in his face.

The young socialists of Portland feel empathy for Stenney as he embarks on endless taxpayer-funded missions to capture roadrunners.

The older taxpayers are slowly becoming aware of the giant balance carried on the ACME credit line.

He's still Opie. Definitely not the Fonz.

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