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Thursday, May 3, 2007

A great Portland product*

For Christmas we got a bottle of Aviation Gin, made right here in the Rose City. It took a while for us to get into it, but once we did, it disappeared quickly.

Yesterday Aviation got a pretty nice mention in The New York Times. In an article reviewing 20 gins, Eric Asimov noted that Aviation was one of the "newer, hipper" versions of that beverage on the market, and remarked about its anise, vanilla, and wintergreen notes. Alas, the Times panel thought that made for a bad martini ingredient, but drunk straight or with tonic, it was first-rate, according to the customers at our house.

* - If you're old enough and don't have problems with alcohol.

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Another Oregon made gin worth trying is from Rogue. Their latest is a Spruce Gin. It is a little hard to find because they distilled relatively small batches and that also means it is too expensive ($35). But man it is good.

Excellent gin, and I saw the article in the Times as well. They had an open house a couple of months ago --they're in our Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood-- and you could buy from them directly, though there was no savings from what OLCC charges. They also make an unusual Aquavit, "a traditional caraway and star anise spirit."

We try to buy local, and its fun buying from a distillery in the 'hood. (I just wish the prices were lower...)

The Medeyoff vodka they produce is good as well, but I think Aviation gin is by far the best local booze we've produced here. Makes great G+Ts.

Months ago, one of the House Spirits boys was in the Mtn Park liquor store pouring samples of these. If that doesn't make you want to pony up for a bottle, I don't know what will.

McMenamen's Edgefield distillery Vintner's Gin is the best I've had. $26.50 a fifth. I think you can only buy it at the Edgefield.

My favorite gin is Hendricks, which is Scottish, and is made with cucumbers. As it relates to Aviation, however, Park Kitchen downtown makes an incredible gin&tonic with Aviation and their housemade tonic water. Definitely worth a stop if you are ever down in the park blocks.

Bon Appetit gave it a nod also.

fyi: Gin drinkers have the lowest divorce rate.
* among problem drinkers that is.

Not only had I not heard of this before, I managed to miss the article in the NYT as well! Though I normally try to buy locally, I'm a Bombay Saphhire fan -- but I will happy give this local product a try. Thanks for the pointer.

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