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Thursday, April 5, 2007

While we listen to the crickets chirping

The local media sure were exceedingly willing to take the quick brush-off from the Portland cop brass about this story. Let's see. The policeman's house was reportedly searched on March 9. Something was found there to have the officer placed on leave. We goaded the local press into at least asking about it on March 25.

It's now almost four weeks since somebody was busted, and nearly two weeks since the reporters were told to go away, and still the public is not entitled to know what happened? That's the Portland media for you. For some reason, the cops have them right where they want them.

Well, you don't need the local media to find out some things. The officer involved is named Hythum Ismail. How many people with that name can there be? If you run that name through Google, you come up with some intriguing reading material. First there's this -- don't ask me what it's about. He goes to school reunions, apparently. He owns a business of some kind. Last fall he said he was opening a restaurant in Hillsboro on the side.

That's all I've got. Maybe the people who get paid to report to us on these sorts of things will tell us more.


UPDATE, 5:35 p.m.: Oh, and check this out about the restaurant!

Comments (9)

Well, you know, all the detectives are still tied up investigating the PFB LT that kicked that guy, on tape.

Indicting a PPB cop? He'd have to cause someone to get killed, maybe even himself like in the good old days.

Must have been some "Raw chicken thawing in a bucket at room temperature." they found at his house then.

I can see it now in tomorrow's O: "Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz issued an e-mail announcing, 'The story on the internet that the officer's administrative leave somehow involved raw chicken is false, totally false.'" Then right back to sleep.

Adams and Leonard will get to bottom of this and help Potter to white-wash this mess. And Sizer will explain why she is promoting Ismail to LT. And later on the Big O will write a good cover-up story...and we can all sleep peaceably at night knowing the PPD is in charge...

Speaking of unexplained stories whatever happened to the lawyer and her boyfriend who decided the sidewalk was easier to drive on than NE 28th?

Another strange deal being "handled" by Mike Schrunk. Sometimes you wonder what the price tag is.

Correction. Clackamas County DA is John Foote, not Al French.

Correct me if I am mis remembering, but I recall the cop's house which was searched and the drugs found being in Oregon City, which is in Clackamas County.

If this is being "handled" its being "handled" y the Clackamas County DA, (?) Al French (?), not Schrunk.

Guess you're right. Schrunk lets them off the hook only when they kill somebody.

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