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Saturday, April 21, 2007

When the moon is in the seventh house...

For Fireman Randy, every day is Earth Day.

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If Mark Wiener tells him to start wearing a dress, do you think he'll do it?

Yes, yes he would. Much as I would like to dismiss Wiener, I can't. Too much track record and connections to Portland opinion leaders. I bet Randy follows Wiener's advice closely.

I'm sure glad that Intel and Wacker are not polluting the earth, and not the water guzzlers thanks to bad smell Randy. I still wonder where Wacker's poison goes from Portland..everyday 2 truck loads disappear from Wackers...where o where could they go?

Wonder no longer - it all goes to Arlington:


I think you've overdosed on you Viagra, Jack.

I'm as eco-minded as the next guy, maybe more so. But the constant pandering is just too much. Do your job.

I am doing my job but thanks for the advice.

As far as your "pandering" comment, "I'm rubber, your glue. What bounces off me sticks on you."

"your glue"?
Sorry, but the obvious grammatical error tells me a lot about the COP elected officials. Sure, I'm a nit-picker, but there it is.

Fascinating, once ol' Georgie Bush had to sue Portland to stop them dumping sewage in the river after ignoring it all these years and now Randy gets a conscience.

Y'know if Randy left town (go visit the Schumachers?), we could calculate how much hot CO2 he wouldn't be expelling and that is probably close to a 100,000 lbs right there.

From the website:
The bureau's provided “how to” expertise to other utilities throughout the country.

Classic. Does that include the billing system?

What a joke.

Wasn't Gumby made out of rubber?

"I'm rubber, your glue. What bounces off me sticks on you."

Brilliant rhetorical riposte. Thank you, Pee Wee Herman.

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