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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oakland stroke

Major, major upset in pro basketball tonight. The Golden State Warriors, whom we saw clinch a last-minute spot in the playoffs, now have the no. 1-seeded team in the post-season, the Dallas Mavericks, on the ropes. The Bay Area squad has a 3-1 lead in their best-of-seven series.

And maybe that Baron Davis guy isn't so old and creaky after all...

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Go Mavs -- home that is.

They are going home, all right. The question is, will they be coming back to the Bay Area?

We saw both these teams play this year in Portland. G.S. looked good, but I did not foresee anything like this. Go Don Nelson.

What exactly happened to Nowitzki this game/series? He was not within 20 feet of the basket the entire game and Stackhouse (!?!) outplayed him if you want to see old creaky guys.

Depending on how Detroit handles the Bulls, this looks like the Suns to lose.

The wonderful irony is that the Mavs brought this on themselves. In the last week of the regular season when Dallas had already locked up the number one spot in the Western Conference, they sat all of their starters in a game versus Golden State when Golden State was in a battle with the Clippers for the last playoff spot.

I think there are 2 things going on.

1) yeah that Davis guy can play when he's healthy, it's been a couple years since he had a healthy year and I for one forgot how good he is.

2) Nelson knows the Mavs inside and out, if anyone knows how to mess with their offense and get them out of synch it is him.

Avery exposed! It's ridiculous that they settle for perimeter jumpers, especially with Dirk. GS's offense kinda grinds to a halt when they're not running. Everytime the Mavs figure out that they need to slow everything down, they jump out to a lead.

Not that I'm complaining. Last night's game was one of the best I've seen all year. Oh man, watching Nash v. Davis in the next round would be sweeeet!

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