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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Edwards is coming to Portland

Word is he'll be speaking at noon next Wednesday May 2 at the ILWU Local 8 Union Hall, at 2435 NW Front Avenue. Come to see the haircut -- stay to hear the great ideas for saving the dang country.

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Too bad I'll be on the other side of South Carolina on Friday, otherwise I think I might join him for happy hour. Maybe I'll just get loaded prior to seeing him at the union hall. It'll almost be the same.

For those of you who would like a forum to say derogatory things about Edwards, this isn't it.


Since when is truth and reality considered "derogatory"???

You know, it's been fun, but you are behaving like a jerk, and you won't be commenting here any more. Get a life.

This is a time when I will miss access TV from Portland.

Touchy today Jack? Maybe you already miss Super Vickie.

No touchier than usual. You get in my face, you get to read some other site.

As Super Vicki sails into the sunset, Portland should cue up the Monkees doing "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone."

I plan on being at the union hall next Wed. Edwards is the only candidate who doesn't give me the willies. He was my candidate in '04, was the best reason to vote for Kerry IMO.

Is it even legal for a candidate to give anyone the "willies" without consulting Bubba first?

Bubba might want to discuss all of the definations before issuing any comment.

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