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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Goofball government, day after day

In Portland, when the city breaks down and spends a few bucks to paint some crosswalks, it's such a big deal that they hold a "press event" over it. Tram Boy will be front and center in the spotlight, no doubt. "The markings are intended to provide drivers with a visual cue that they are in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic and can expect pedestrians crossing the street." Wow, you don't say.

What this town needs is for a couple of the unemployed creative types to start up a pie-throwing company.

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I like that the event starts at 10:30, ends at 11:00, and has an "uncertain" length.

The "event" has certain stupidity.

Could some anarchists please burn a commissioner in effigy?

Crosswalk painting to be provided by gang outreach volunteers from Northeast neighborhood, no doubt.

No, they only do churches in the middle of the night.

You're f-ing kidding me. They paint a few lines at Quimby and celebrate, meanwhile the stretch from Glisan south to Burnside is just short of impassable. For the transportation commissioner to allow one of Portland's signature streets to fall into such disrepair is a disgrace.

Anyone know where I can rent a clown costume before the 5th.


Just who is going to make the pie?

They're letting those streets rot so that they can sell parking meters and/or another streetcar on them as part of a desperate repair project.

Don't use real pie. An aluminum pie plate filled with shaving cream is the best.

Remember some of the anarchists in the crowds that "Tram Boy" organizes will be undercover FBI agents. They're the ones wearing a bandana mask.

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