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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Rose City on the big screen again

Yet another film is being shot in Portland -- further confirmation that the creative class is the future of the city. I see this one is a documentary.

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I bet Randy Gragg gets a cameo.

Thanks for allowing me to start this day laughing.

I didn't know about the one at 39th and Hancock. It's getting somewhat hard to keep track of all these things.

Jack... too good.

"I bet Randy Gragg gets a cameo." I visualize him dressed in a long white lab coat, goggles, and wearing thick black gloves screaming maniacally, 'IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE!!!"

...and Erik Sten in the role as Igor(pronounced Eye-Gore)

Randy Gragg voiceover:

"Portland's shortsighted nostalgia almost made it a victim of the future. Thank god the Condo Bunkers were created. Welcome them! Love them! They are the Future! More Tram! Bwah-ha-ha...ha-ha-ha-ha...etc."

and where's Homer Williams?

and where's Homer Williams?

Special Effects Coordinator?

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

This film has been made. An early David Cronenberg film called 'They Came from Within' about a super modern apartment building that is infected with a parasite that turns it's host in to a sex crazed zombie.

But who will defeat the condo towers in the last act? A local recession/market collapse personified as a stake, holy water and Oregon Trail-Card-wielding hipster that has been priced out of town?

Maybe he could team up with a bitter, former yuppie that had to sell his condo after being broadsided by a bear market. Or perhaps the condos could all be burnt down by a mob of middle-class Portlanders carrying pitchforks and torches that have been forced to relocate in the outskirts of Kelso.


it seems farfetched that all the pitchforks and torches will be forced to relocate to the outskirts of Kelso.

pitchforks can be dangerous, though.

Who will defeat the condo towers in the last act?

The Big One, The 800 year 8.0 Richter scale event

I haven't really ever "got" the anti-downtown-condo thing here - I get the "no public subsidy" thing - but, other than that, who cares about condos downtown? If folks want to jam themselves all together down there and deal with the "amenities" of living in a habitrail, let them.

I'm even beginning to think it might be a worthwhile cause to help subsidize downtown condos to some degree just to keep them all in one place.

and... to keep those people all in one place, in the bargain.

Hey, it keeps them out of MY neighborhood.



Do you have any idea how much it costs to rent a tool shed in this town?!

hmmm...and I thought I was verbose.

I'm gonna assume the screed before this post will be exiled to a place in the ether.

I'm with nonnymouse. When we have that 8.0 on the Richtor scale earthquake, I just hope it comes after I've retired, or during the night, while I'm home. The reason, I work on Pill Hill, and when it comes, it won't matter whether those hospital and clinic buildings (or the tram *rimshot* towers) are "earthquake resistant" because there is a high likelihood that they aren't shear resistant enough for the millions of tons of soil, rubble and trees that will flush most of OHSU down the gully it's built in, coming to rest on I-5, right next to SoWhat.

hmmm...and I thought I was verbose.

hmmm...and I did, too.

Heh...That's just because you have trouble conceptualizing and forming words into coherent sentences, rr.

Not to worry, it'll come to you eventually.



You confuse self-analysis with simple agreement. Must be awfully grim up there on the Hill every day without a sense of humor.

Coming soon to the N/NE.


Not to mention the "hostess bakery building" that was purchased by Sierra Investment Fund LLC across the street.

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