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Thursday, March 15, 2007

New feature: Think I'll Pass

In our never-ending quest to provide useless information to you, the reading public, today we institute a new blog feature called Think I'll Pass. These posts will focus on consumer transactions that were actually offered in the marketplace, but did not attract us enough to accept them.

Today's entry is from yesterday's jaunt to our local Wild Oats store, where we were given an opportunity to purchase cucumbers for $1.99 each.

This has been Think I'll Pass, a free consumer feature of bojack.org. Feel free to add your own finds.

Comments (9)

Yellow onions at Winco in Tigard Monday.

$ 1.28 per pound.

OPECC (Onion Producing and Exporting Counties of California) price gouging is outrageous.

Slice of apple pie ala mode at Big Al's in Vancouver.


Think I'll Pass.

cucumbers for $1.99 each

Musta been "organic"

cucumbers for $1.99 each

Musta been Rolex

Does this count:


The pizza sounds good, but at $1000 per pie or $125 a slice, I think I'd have to pass on this bargain.

Pubic hair dye @bettybeauty.com "for the hair down there" - $20. For the woman who wants the carpet to match the drapes!

The multiple times I have been the 999999th or 1000000th visitor to the same site, and won a FREE* (where the star means "not really") laptop.

The same goes for the ipod, iphones.

I would love to have one of those pink strawberry Hilary Duff special edition phones, but Free* is way to high a price, I would just assume pay money.

I think I will Pass on all the Free* stuff, and use money instead.

On E-Bay... an original Marx Fort Apache playset in a stapled, unopened box. $609.00. If only I were rich....

Save your money Dave. Marx is coming out with a 2008 model. It will be the called The Fort Apache Casino. In this one the white man only loses his shirt.

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