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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Calling Amy, or Jeannette

Earlier this week, this showed up on our doorstep:

It looks like a belated Christmas present, from Amy to Jeannette.

Problem: There's nobody in our house named Jeannette. Or Amy, for that matter.

We've come up with a couple of theories. Perhaps Amy thought she was leaving Jeannete a nice surprise, but got the wrong block. Or perhaps the bag fell out of a car as it was dropping off or picking up kids at the elementary school across the street, and someone found it and put it on our porch, thinking that it belonged to us.

We've left it back out there a few days, hoping that Amy would realize her mistake and come back and retrieve it, but she didn't. One occupant of our house is of the age at which she'd love the contents of the bag to be hers. It's hard for her to understand why we need to wait before we declare finders keepers.

But we won't wait forever. Amy and Jeannette, this is your last call. If this bag is yours, please e-mail me here.

Comments (3)

dmso + cobra venom sent by fan

What is that? Looks like a furry head w/eyes in the middle of its side.

Must be wrong about that but what is it?

Kind of reminds me of those seemingly abstract pics where if you stare long enough you see an image of a battleship or a plane.

Its a horses head! Don't you recognize a "Godfather" Play-Set when you see one?

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