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Monday, February 19, 2007

Was that the last NBA all-star game?

Rumors are circulating that the National Basketball Association is thinking about replacing its annual all-star game with some other type of showcase for its top talent. A high-ranking league official said the pro hoops leadership was disappointed with the play in last night's all-star contest in Las Vegas, which was won by the West All-Stars, 153-132. The game was marred by a record eight technical fouls, all of them for flagrantly playing defense. Indiana Pacers center Jermaine O'Neal and Phoenix Suns big man Amare Stoudamire were both ejected after each of them blocked his second shot of the night.

"The commissioner is pretty upset," said one source close to the league office. "There's really no room for that kind of behavior in an all-star game. Amare was also committing fouls, which means he got close enough to other players to make contact. That's not what this event is supposed to be about."

In one of the more meaningful features of the weekend, hoops legend Charles Barkley outran current referee Dick Bavetta in a foot race. At halftime, Barkley also won a bet that his breasts were larger than those of Minnesota Timberwolves general manager Kevin McHale.

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Did you wonder how Portland would look after Vegas as an All-Star host? "We now go to Kenny Smith live from the aerial tram." I couldn't take more than 10 minutes of the real game - what a joke - but I did follow the rookie-sophomore game for a glimpse of what might have been. At one point Adam Morrison made a crisp pass to Brandon Roy who faked a shot and drove to the rack. The Oregonian has been featuring this as a rivalry for rookie of the year, as if this proves the Blazers were right to pass on Morrison. Of course, the point has always been that Portland could have had both these promising rookies. Morrison's passing decisions are quick and he stays on the court sometimes when he's not shooting, just as a play-maker. He's certainly not out there for his defense, but even that has shown some improvement. Mainly, his court presence is strong. With all the hype, I was wondering if the Oregonian's coverage would include the box score, and there was a tiny little version at the bottom. Morrison, filled it up. He shot his height, 6-8, with 2-2 from 3-points. Brandon Roy shot 2-7, for 6 points. This game was more meaningful than it sounds - it was a big stage for the rookies and they were nervous. The other rookie in the equation - the undeniably pleasant LeMarcus Aldridge - was not invited to attend.

"This game was more meaningful than it sounds - it was a big stage for the rookies and they were nervous." I disagree.
What I saw was Brandon Roy looking really confused as to whether he was playing in a basketball game or something that could be more acurately described as a buch of guys running back and forth on a basketball court showing off their shooting and dunking ability, etc. It was a joke and a total waste of time. Nobody played defense or ran set plays, etc. Brandon had several open lanes to the basket and unselfishly opted to pass off instead. Whatever he did or didn't do in the game is completely meaningless in my book. It was one of the most pathetic sporting events I have witnessed in my entire life.

I'm beginning to see it your way.

The game has become utterly boring and I would love to see the ratings in comparrison to previous years. Either let them play hard or can the game.

Adam Morrison passes the ball?? I've never seen him do that.

You know... I was at a pizza restaurant that turned off some poker tournament for this game. After a few minutes, I was pining for the excitement of the card game again. It's bad enough watching lazy, undereducated multimillionaires playing half-hearted basketball for their own teams, how much worse watching them mill about aimlessly while one of them does a token showboat run down the court?

I think a documentary on how they knot basketball nets would have been more engaging.

Yes, Adam Morrison passes the ball, and he does it with quick decisions. I've got the NBA sports package and I've watched parts of many of the Bobcats games. It's not quite as pathetic as it sounds - I'm usually working on the computer, too.
I'm setting myself up for a real ribbing if he stumbles on March 1st at the Rose Garden. But it's been a long winter - we need something to talk about.

Had me going for a minute there, 'til the laughter set in.

Thanks, Jack--worthy of SportsPickle.

"Shootings, arrests spoil post-NBA All-Star Game party"
No Surprise

What would be a professional basketball game without an arrest or two, and some violence.

That's what passes for professional sports these days. It's a shame it has come to this. They can keep their attitudes and ethics and I will keep my money. AFM!

The game has really lost his potential. The guys dont play, they try to show off. That is not what the game is all about. Play to win and then show off while doing it.

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