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Friday, February 9, 2007

Diversion for Gus

He's just another DUII.

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"Pleas"? Please! Good thing they weren't up for a spelling or grammar award over there at the Trib.

Yep, driving around without your headlights on at night is pretty good prognositcator that you'll get pulled over if a cop spots you. With a .19 BAC it's a good thing he didn't kill anyone before they got to him. Damn good film maker though even if he is a bit of a lush.

Yep, at that BAC you'd be lucky even to be able to spell prognosticator.

hee, hee, hee

Ouch!!! My B.A.C. when I wrote that was 0.0...honest. I blame it on my old eyes and the lack of a trusty spell checker in this bad boy.

Spell checkers are like government - the more you rely on them, the less you do for yourself. They have caused social and moral decline and are the cause of most ills in today's society - including global warming.

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