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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Remember the main

The City of Portland's official water bureau blog reports today on an old soldier who's finally retiring after 112 years of service.

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Great story about a most often never mentioned aspect of history. I wonder how long that Pipe would have worked if left alone. It is amazing the durability of work done so long ago and it highlights the lack of quality in so many things today.

You wonder whether it really needs to be replaced. If left alone, might it last longer than what they could put in its place?

I wouldn't put that much faith in the "old stuff". Remember just a few weeks ago, an ancient cast iron pipe failed under SW First Ave at Main Street.

Cast iron retains a great, smooth inside surface over time, but the stuff is brittle and the joints leak.

The "if left alone" is the operative phrase here. The amount of utilities under downtown streets is unbelievable - remember the fiber optic boom of six or seven years ago, where about ten different entities were tearing up the streets?

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