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Friday, December 1, 2006

Wave bye-bye

Sad news from the entertainment world: Greg, the lead singer of the Wiggles, the favorite singing group of countless toddlers, is quitting the band, for health reasons. Nothing too serious, but he can't perform without feeling sick. Too bad -- his smile beaming out over that bright yellow shirt makes hot numbers like "Fruit Salad" and "Wake Up Jeff" really take off. We love the "Wiggies," as our oldest used to call them. It won't be the same without Greg (although the Mrs. has always thought Anthony, right, in the blue shirt, is more of a hottie).

Apparently the band is auditioning possible replacements for Greg. Among those who have already been rejected:

And hey -- shouldn't there be a female Wiggle?

Comments (10)

They're an Australian group, right? This could be a chance for Keith Urban to get back in the game.

Michael MacDonald?!?


I hear Axl Rose is available, for cab fare.

What about Michael Jackson? He likes kids...

Bad, Larry K! Bad! No fruit salad for you!

I think Bob Goulet would bring a nice change of pace . . . think of what he could do with "Big Red Car."

How about Pee Wee Herman? He was lots of fun.

This post and the comments are priceless.

Until 2 1/2 years ago I had no idea what a Wiggle was. Since having children I know them and their songs intimately. It's amazing to me that the top story in my life is the loss of the Yellow Wiggle and even more amazing is that my husband e-mailed me with a link to the story.

Thank you for a well needed laugh!

I just think it's worth pointing out that he suffers from a rare illness that makes it painful and causes dizziness only when doing aerobic activities such as dancing.

And, yeah, Anthony IS the hottie.

Man, my kids LOVE their videos. It's too bad they're not going to make any more.

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