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Friday, December 22, 2006

Gus blows a .19

We're working on the joke here, people. Help us out:

Better hair than Nick Nolte.

Better behaved than Mel Gibson.

Like Zach Randolph, but without the gun.

He took the Palme d'Ui.

"I was jusht lookin' for da couplet. Izh dish da couplet?"

Comments (12)

How about "My Own Private Rehab"?

I knew you'd be on the case, Bill.

Good Swill Hunting?

The hairpiece blew a .07 and was released on its own recognizance.

It's the least wacky celeb booking photo I've ever seen. He doesn't even look like he's been drinking! Compare and contrast with the infamous Nick Nolte or Mel Gibson mug shots.

It looks more like the booking officer asked him a stupid question about his car (Porsche or Portia?), and he's trying not to be rude.

Even Cowgirls Hold their Booze?

Ha. I vote for Cynthia's.

There is also 'male noche' which I thought meant 'bad night'.

I thought 'male noche' was a gender-specific body part.

Mala. Mala noche.

Hows about "Finding Old Forrester"?

[One of] "Five ways to Kill Yourself"

"My Own Private Jail Cell"

"Liquor Store Cowboy"

Even "My New Friend" could be fitting all by itself if he ends up in jail. But hey, this is Oregon. Depending on his record, he probably has at least 15 or 16 more to go before they do anything to him.

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