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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breaking news on Chasse

From Willy Week:

One of the two Portland police officers involved in the struggle that killed James Chasse Jr. is among the bureau's top users of force, a Willamette Week review of police department data has found....

...Humphreys, a seven-year veteran, has used force more often than almost all of the other the 785 officers in the database.

Read the whole thing here.

Comments (6)

Sounds like a stellar guy.

It's impossible to read this and not reflect back on previous studies/reports that show how a simple lopping off of the, relatively few, "high incident" cops -- would entirely change the world...

Sounds like a stellar guy.

That's why the public defender's office nicknamed him "Thumper".

Not the least bit suprised. Just backs up my previously held opinion on the incident. Chasse wasn't 'fallen' on, he was jumped on.

'Thumper' sounds so cute and Bambi-like. How about, 'Angel of Death'? Or 'Grim Reaper'?

Or how about just 'violent a**hole'?

Police officers who don't have the skills and temperment to handle the pressures of the streets should be reassigned to desk jobs.

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