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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Only love can conquer incompetence

It's great to have friends in the blogosphere. Although the clowns who formerly hosted this site claim to have lost all of my archives, Paul Bausch, the extraordinarily friendly and knowledgable proprietor of ORBlogs, has located much of that material and made it available to me. Even most of the comments are still there!

I will do everything I can to get everything back in one seamless blog as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I am tickled to say, here are my temporary archives:


The search engines can now find all this stuff again, although the display won't be too pretty for now. Paul, I am forever in your debt!

Comments (7)

Nothing is ever truly lost on the internets.

Fabulous, jack! Paul's the man. I can't even reach the guy who was hosting nth of pril. You're lucky.

I was trying to recall where I'd heard that before - Only love can conquer incompetence - then I remembered. My wife told me that on our wedding night.

Thanks, Jack! It's no problem at all--I'm glad I could help. You can also thank the caches of Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and the Internet Archive. And a great bit of Perl programming called Warrick.

I've lost (or deleted) stuff over the years that I wish I could get back, so I know just how you feel.

I am even impressed. Perhaps even more because I cannot find a pay_pal link on his site. (Lord knows I sweat after I pay a dime for anything.)

It's looking more and more like the old bojack.org. A good reminder to us all to back up our writings if we'd like to read them again some time!

Oh, wow. I thought it would be possible to do recovery via the caches, but I despaired of it being possible with a reasonable amount of effort. That's great!

Warrick is going into the ol' tool bag, that's for darn sure.

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