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Sunday, July 2, 2006

World Cup dinner

In honor of the semi-finalists in the World Cup "football" tournament, tonight's dinner featured: from Portugal, fado music and vinho verde; from France, Perrier water; and in honor of Germany, hamburgers. Italy was not represented, but that will be easy to make up for in our regular menu rotation.

Comments (4)

In honor of Portugal's winning performance, every time someone walks within 3 feet of me today I'm going to dive on the ground and grab my knee.

Vinho verde?

Green wine?

Is that grape juice?

It's a cheap, slightly fizzy, but very refreshing white wine that only the Portuguese make. Readily available in the States.

It might be a reach but I imagine that honoring Italy might involve pasta or pizza....that sharp tool in the shed just got sharper

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