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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving

Here's the document you've all been waiting for: the latest translation of the questionnaire in the City of Portland's "vision quest." Today I believe we have Laotian.

I'm sure both responses they get to this one will make for interesting reading!

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It participated in one of these "vision" things
as a member of my neighborhood association in the early 90's. After a year of work and a couple of submissions to "City Hall" it was sent back to us with the comment that what I had written, which was about transportation, didn't belong in a vision statement.
It is a lot like a paint by numbers project where once you get the paint on the wall City Hall tells you what the number was.


Wouldn't it be great if all the Laotian respondents just asked them to focus on public safety and rebuilding our infrastructure.

How do you say "no 2% for Art until the Sellwood is replaced" in Laotian?

as long as they like bike lanes on 50 MPH roads more pollution more congestion one more step to getting a bad air day when we have none now and more money for.....

Sorry got off track ....

Who's voting now

something from Laos = "Lao."

"Laotian" is also pretty commonly used, though perhaps not technically correct.

I remember the Visioning Process for environmental zones a few years back. All the Veracrates spoke "environmental laotian" and told us to shut up because we gave concrete examples of the negative effect some of the regulations would cause. I loved the outreach and being told "you are not seeing the broader picture". I think we are seeing it.

You say potay-to, and I say pot-ah-toe
You say from Laos, and I say Laotian...

Yeah, I love the city's outreaches,too. And hearing "you all better shut up and listen up or face the CONSEQUENCES: sprawl,chaos mayhem.........". The cockiness would be kind of funny were it not so frustrating.

"Veracrates" is too funny. Did you come up with that on your own? I imagine a bunch of city planners gazing adoringly while Veracrates explains to her plebes that density and light rail will save humanity.

How about Erikstotle? Randy "Leonidas" (or Leonardo?).

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