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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Beast in the East

Congratulations to Dwayne, Zo, Riley, White Chocolate, even Shaq, on eliminating Sheed and the Motowners and advancing to the NBA Finals.

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I think it all started when Cleveland trashed Sheed's guarantee. The X-factor last night, as the Detroit coach noted was Jason Williams.
What a game. 10 for 10 till he missed the last two shots when it was virtually over.
Still, I'll never forget the joy this Detroit team brought by beating the Lakers for the championship. That led to the end of the Kobe-Shaq soap opera as well as Colonel Sander's hiatus as the Laker coach.

Heat/Mavs finals! Something David Stern can finally smile about, having dodged another fugly Pistons/Spurs matchup.

Wade v. Nowitzki has the potential to be a classic.

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