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Thursday, May 18, 2006

In the e-mailbox

Greetings Friends, Supporters and Fellow Listerines:

I want to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic support and your firm commitment to restoring common sense and fairness to City Hall. Even though the election outcome was not what we had hoped for we can certainly be proud of our campaign.

In just three short months I went from being a political unknown, ignored by the press and the other candidates, to being a viable candidate. We raised awareness of the many problems confronting small businesses in Portland and brought to light many aspects of the city budget that are detrimental to taxpayers. We successfully promoted the basic truth that quality of life begins with a job.

In the end, over thirteen thousand residents cast their votes for Dave Lister.

I will continue to advocate for the taxpayers and the small business owners in Portland. I will continue to insist that the city pay attention to those things which it is charged to do and steadfastly oppose efforts to legislate beyond the bounds of the city charter.

Changing the political culture of Portland is a slow and arduous project. This election was only the beginning.


Dave Lister

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Memo to Dave: Don't give up. Portland has no idea yet how much it needs you. It was a privilege to vote for you.


I was happy to cast my vote for you, and would do so again.

Lister, I didn't vote for you, but I was still glad you were in the race.

Ditto Libertas. Run against Leonard, and the odds are even higher that I'd vote for you. As much as I liked your friggin' sweet harmonica skills, I needed to keep an idealist on the council.

See what I'm getting at? Balance as opposed to replacement? Don't run against Sten, balance him out.

I voted for you Dave, and was shocked you didn't beat Ginny. She appeared wooden and unprepared: hard to believe she is a sitting office holder. This city is hopelessly liberal.

Next time around: never tell them who you supported for higher political office (might as well have said you sold crack to 3rd graders when you admitted you voted for both Bushies), "the right to cast a ballot free from coercion or oversight is an integral part of our Democratic tradition."

Also: I think it's the kiss of death to be "pro-car" in P-town. You have to support "improving our infrastructure" or "decreasing congestion" otherwise the Bike Nazis/Smart Growth crowd treat you like a Neanderthal. I disagree with them, of course, but don't make it too easy for them to make a cartoon out of you.

I voted for Mr Lister.

My only message for City Hall and Major Tom - "Can you hear me Major Tom?"

Yes, that tidal wave of the high teens in percentage points sure sent a message - the cranky curmudgeons of Portland will always have their vanity candidate!!! HUZZAH!!!!

Easy now, Raja...you'll get someone talking about the oh-so-scary "bike Nazis" again. Have you seen the helmets those guys wear? It's like the second coming of the Visigoths! Frightening! I had to buy a bigger SUV just to feel safe.

I too voted for Dave and I am not what anyone would consider to be conservative or a crumudgeon (the only republican I have voted for in my life was Mark Hatfield's last re-election). While I like idealism, the primary job of city commissioner, as it is currently structured, is one of a manager of one or more bureaus.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Sten recognizes this "close call" and responds rather than mistreating his victory as a mandate (which it is not).

Dave - Thanks for running for City Council. Hang in there - change occurs slowly in city government Keep fighting the good fight.

I voted for you, too, DL. You brought up issues no one else addressed and would have made a good reality check on the council. Plus you have a lot of neat support on this blog.

Well, I could be "Stepford Steve" for only so long.

"""I sincerely hope that Mr. Sten recognizes this "close call" and responds rather than mistreating his victory as a mandate (which it is not)."""

I have a problem with that hope.

I go back to his vote on the Alexan Tax abatement.

How in the world can a guy be so incapable as to vote for something so lame?

Maybe he is waking up.

But from the depth of the sleep he had to be in (Potter too) in order to vote to give away $10 million in exchange for absolutely nothing tells me he must in a permanent and irreversible coma.

Getting reelected will likely mean his comatose approach will lead to further approval of every single cockamamie and costly thing the bureaucrats come up with.

The rest of the council is no better.

The best example of the wholesale dysfunction is how they think there is some fiscal management happening with the a biggest public development in city history, South Waterfront.

It's a raving loony house at PDC without even the existence of a genuine budget spread sheet to work off of.
PDC staff just puts the things on a spread sheet that fits the agenda of the day and leave off everything else.

Council doesn't even notice what's missing, even when it's major components, as they approve DA (development agreement) amendment after amendment.
If it wasn't so egregious it would be funny.

SoWa Urban Renewal Advisory Committee members ask about the many missing numbers, get nothing but blank faces or "we'll get back to you"
And then later in reports to the PDC Commissioners and Council the PDC states that the URAC worked on the budget for months.

They (URAC) never even got a real one in the first place, and when they do get something the PDC calls a "budget" it's usually handed to them on the way into a meeting without anytime to study it. A few moments of discussion and wham the "public involvement" is done and commissioners think it was studied and OK'd by citizens.


You ran a strong effort and conducted your campaign with a lot of integrity. As you may know, I backed another candidate, but it was a more interesting race with you in it -- and God knows the CGW talent contest was better because of it.

You should be proud of the hard work you and your supporters put into the campaign. Good luck with future endeavors.

Charlie Burr

Dave - run for mayor next time. Force "Grandpa" to put up or shut up. I'm being serious!

Hey, Dave...

I'm what you could call one of Sten's "natural constituency"...an old-line democratic socialist with an anti-war activist background. I'm considerably older than most of those in the Sten cells throughout the city, though. However, I've watched Council with considerable trepidation of late as they continue to squander our civic assets whilst whoring after rich new condo citizens, lining the pockets of developers while empoverishing existing programs that served existing citizens. A change is desperately needed and balance, in the form of fiscal responsibility, is particularly in high demand and short supply. I supported you in your push to broaden our representation and bring thoughtful and careful consideration to public deliberations.

Your task was daunting to begin with, what with your having minimal public profile prior to your run. It was uphill all the way, yet you persevered to present a much needed message to the voters. Keep it up. Do, by all means, consider another run....sanity or no. You've established your name, now work it.

That said...Can't you publicly admit that your support of the Bushites was misguided?

Godfry: "That said...Can't you publicly admit that your support of the Bushites was misguided?"

C'mon now, was that necessary?

Why would a westsider vote for the "eastside guy?"


You bet it was. Contrition is a sign of maturity.

He had more illegally placed lawn signs than votes.

Yeah, nothin' like kicking a man when he's down.

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