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Monday, January 9, 2006

Missing Portland

Raging Red reminisces about something she can't find in West Virginia.

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Does it still smell like wet dogs in there?

Ah, Mike Clark's Movie Madness. They've got the surliest clerks in the city (surlier, even, then EM's) and the best selection. The latter cancels out the former.

As a person who has lived in S.E. Portland for almost 30 years I think just about everyplace around here smells of wet dog (especially in the Winter). I've been a customer of Mikes since he first opened his business and I think a lot of the counter help are pretty nice. One in particular would never charge me for the tootsie pops my kids always ask for when they go down there to check out a movie.

The clerks at Movie Madness are wonderful - IMHO. I have always found them to be very personable, if somewhat quirky. They are definitely part of what gives the place its unique character.

I was in there on Saturday and I'd say that Movie Madness smells faintly of rotting vegetables. As much as I love the place, I don't think I've ever managed to get in and out of there w/o guff from the clerks. Last time it was a snide remark for my decision to rent a bootleg copy of the unreleased Roger Coreman version of Fantastic Four. I guess I was asking for it.

Forgive my hyperbole for the sake of making a point.

Yes, there are many fine employees of Movie Madness who seem to enjoy their jobs and treat their customers well. There are also, like any retail/service establishment, some rotten eggs. One, in particular, was rude to me on enough separate occasions that I figured it wasn't just a "bad day" scenario. Maybe this person didn't care for my Frank Capra-a-thon that month.

Oh well, I've been getting more movies from the library these days anyway.

I always thought the sometimes surly goth/punk employees of Movie Madness were part of its charm.


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