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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Will spam kill Blogspot?

Probably not. But it sure looks like they're having their troubles over there this week.

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I use blogspot for my blog. Its okay, but its not great. And I have definately noticed an increase in spam in the last two weeks. At first I was deleting them, and then I thought, who cares?

I use blogspot as well and have been a victim of a different kind of splogging. My blog address used to be creativepants.blogspot.com but then I decided to change the name of my blog to Radio Gretchen. So via Blogger I deleted the creativepants site and moved the entire blog to radiogretchen.blogspot.com. I was really impressed at first by how smooth the transaction was until I checked the old creativepants address and discovered it is now a splog with links to porn. Not good.

I had Blogspot for awhile and ditched it after my comment spam went throught the roof. Moveable Type or Wordpress are so much better (albeit more expensive).

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