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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Bonzi, glad you're gonzi

My friend Doug really knows basketball, and he really knows people. When the Trail Blazers shipped Bonzi Wells (left) out to Memphis last season, and Wells was talking about how thrilled he was about his "fresh start," Doug said: "Give it a year or so. By the end of next season, he'll be pulling the same stuff he's been pulling here."

And as usual, Doug was right. (Headline stolen from here.)

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It's also interesting to note that once again Rasheed Wallace had the most technical fouls of any other player this season. He ain't changed either.

And now the question is what does Porltand do with Miles? I say ditch him. Portland doesn't need the headache. If P-town is going to finish at the bottom of the NBA, can we at least do it with a bunch of good guys. Keep Telfair and Joel... and ditch everyone else.

I certainly have no interest in paying a single cent to watch Damon play again. Ruben hasn't gotten any beter with age, either.

My daughter and I have had quite a few conversations about Yao Ming, however. Next year, when the Rockets come to town, I think we need to go and check him out.

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