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Monday, January 24, 2005

On the tube

Appropos of my post of last week regarding the South Waterfront development, I received this notice in my e-mail this morning:

Good-bye Mt. Hood

A television presentation of Portland's South Waterfront Project

What will it really mean to Portland taxpayers, the local neighborhoods, the environment, traffic, the economy and livability?

Wednesday, January 26th at 8:00PM

Tualatin Valley Television, Live-Link, cable channel 11

The "Education and Politics" broadcast will include many photos, drawings and a thorough discussion of the entire South Waterfront Project.

Special guest, long time Portland democrat and citizen activist Jerry Ward.

Jerry's experiences with the City of Portland, Portland Development Commission, neighborhood groups and Urban Renewal Advisory Committee for South Waterfront make this show a must see.

The show will be a live-link, call-in show on Wednesday with numerous re-broadcasts during the following month.

Please tune in and call in with a short comment or question.

Steve Schopp
"Education and Politics" host

Channel 11 is public access on cable where I live (Northeast Portland), but I don't know if this program will air throughout the area, or only down in the "Tualatin Valley" (wherever that is).

Comments (5)

Channel 11 is the "big gun" of local cable access television. Each of the local cable-access stations (see a listing of them here) has its own lineup of government, educational and public access channels. (See, for example, the lineup at Tualatin Valley TV.) But together, the Portland-area cable access folks have joined to create one "mega" channel in common, and that's Channel 11. So, it's a good thing to be on Channel 11: you get the most access possible for local cable access.

WWP, by the way, has had his own exposure on Channel 11 in the past, under his nom d'emploi.

PS: "Tualatin Valley" is govermentese for "Beaverton."

Ask Jerry Ward where he was during the 90's when the City of Portland was putting every prison, halfway house, and rehabilitation center in the St. Johns neighborhood.

Oh wait, those building didn't block his precious view of Mt. Hood.

Er, acually, Justin, they were also putting them in Buckman. Plus methadone.

And I think the point is, the precious views from Terwilliger belong to all of us -- or at least, they did until Dr. Kohler & Co. and NG decided otherwise.

I agree that St. Johns isn't the only neighborhood in the city to get the shaft.

However, I guess I'm willing to sacrifice that view of Mt. Hood in order to accomodate wealthy Northern California transplants.

It is a nice thought to say that the view of Mt. Hood belongs to all of us, but having grown up in North Portland, I know it really doesn't. I belongs to the wealthy Portlanders. And now the wealthy are losing their view to the even more wealthy.

And you know what, I'm alright with that.

Perhaps in 20 years if Portland stops growing and all the highrises are empty, you will be proven correct. But I doubt that is going to happen.

Where was Mr. Ward during the 90's. He was doing exactly what he is doing now. Fighting the city's irresponsible planning. The horrific outcome about to happen in South Waterfront began early in the 90's as North Macadam and Ward was right there pointing out the fatal flaws.
And those flaws involve far more that the loss of anyone's "precious views".
Nearly every aspect of South Waterfront is riddled with flawed assumptions, deception and/or outright negligence. From traffic to the environment all things public have taken a back seat to the forces pushing for more, bigger, higher buildings along with every conceivable pubilc dime to help pay for them.

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