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Monday, June 28, 2004


Now that it's become clear that the preferred way of executing Western hostages is beheading, is it news any more?

Does the Western media help the safety of Westerners in the Middle East by continuing to show images of blindfolded hostages and their captors?

If you were George Bush, why wouldn't you just bomb Al Jazeera off the air for good?

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I was thinking the very same thing when I saw this morning's front page - get it off the front page and out of the news, already.

Anyone who has ever had small children knows by now that we're only perpetuating the cycle by covering it so extensively.

Oh, please. News is news and the more sensationalistic, the more the networks will show it (as long as no naughty bits are visible.)

Al Jazeera is just a news organization, often vilified in the press here. Educate yourself!

yeah, i was disgusted when i saw the front page of the New York times today was a huge picture of the latest hostage awaiting his beheading...


Oh, come on. Of course it's news, because it's barbaric, disgusting and, yes, evil. And why would Bush not want it to be publicized? Just the opposite - it demonstrates the nature of our enemies. And by 'enemies' I mean the terrorists, not Bush, for you Michael 'Fat Bastard' Moore fans out there.

Just because you cover your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, and yell, doesn't mean these things aren't happening.

Of course I want to hear about it. But constant printing and broadcasting of the images every time these animals do this? This is going to be beheadings no. 4, 5, 6 and 7. Enough already.

I guess eventually the U.S. media will lose its taste for it. Then what? Castrations?

There is no doubt that the taking of hostages is newsworthy. However, it is the high-profile news coverage that enables the terrorists to succeed with their mission - terror. Would the terrosits keep going to the trouble of kidnapping and beheading hostages if nobody really paid much attention?

Bomb Al Jazeera off the air for good? What--and be mercilessly and relentlessly vilified for his antipathy toward the press? Yeah, his political enemies would never think to do _that_, right?

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