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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

A great use of newsprint

The April edition of Portland's own Hollywood Star showed up in the mailbox today, and as ever, it's a beauty. As I've mentioned here before, the breadth and depth of coverage that this free monthly "shopper" newspaper gives to neighborhood issues on the inner east side is nothing short of awesome. Pages 2 through 9 are an activist's delight. Everything is there, from issues of citywide importance that are sneaking under the mainstream media radar (even a few stories that the bloggers aren't talking about yet) to neighborhood problems that have an impact on just a block or two.

Nice work, Star! You get the Bojack Prize for Journalism for the current vaguely defined time period. (Sorry, b!x.)

Portlanders, if you see this publication lying around in the lobby of your favorite east side establishment, take it home and check it out. (But don't look for its editorial content on the web -- it's not there yet.)

Comments (6)

Just in time for the Pulitzers?

Hey, it's all good. Everytime you mention the Star, I keep meaning to go out of my way to find it, and then I get sidetracked.

Actually, that entire column is usually the work of Lee Perlman, reporter (and sometime neighborhood activist himself). Lee knows land use, and luckily the Star prints (it seems) everything he writes. I also try to find the Star whenever I can.

On the other side of the river, I'm a fan of the NW Examiner (and their staunch anti-parking garage stance) which I look forward to each month.

It's sorta like reading b!X -- only on newsprint.

Lee Perlman does a great job for the Hollywood Star. He has lived in Portland for about 30 years and truly understands the way this city works (or doesn't work, as the case may be) and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. Hope the Star appreciates him!

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