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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Oldie but goodie

In the midst of a hellaciously busy day today, I made a nice find. There in the penny tray at the convenience store was a 1944-D nickel, which, as readers may know, is made in part of silver. (Nickel was more important than silver during World War II, when the former metal was needed for weapons or ammunition or some such.) "I'll put a quarter in there if you let me take that nickel," I told the clerk. She smiled and replied, "Go ahead and take it -- it's the 'take a penny' dish."

So I did, leaving a shiny, boring quarter behind.

Sure, my new nickel is a bit dinged up and dirty. But it's a nice piece of history at a very good price.

Comments (3)

..It amazes me how many old nickels and dimes are still in circulation...I keep all change that I find that is older than me...

Personally, WWP keeps all nickells.

[It's a family thing, mind you.]

25 cents is about the FMV for a well circulated 1944-D war nickel.
-Fomer Professional Numismatist

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