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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New captain for ship in sinking navy

Portland's getting a new archbishop. He's an expert in Canon Law. That's the law that they follow when they don't want to pay damages to the victims of child sexual abuse by priests.

UPDATE, 5:11 p.m.: Here's an interesting factoid about the new chief:

When the University of Notre Dame asked President Barack Obama to speak at commencement in 2009, Sample spoke out against the invitation because of the president's positions on abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Pass the popcorn, this could be entertaining.

Comments (14)

I dont consider myself catholic outside being born and raised one (LDS convert), but after reading some of the comments on the local "news" sites, I'd hope that folks would just pull back a little and welcome the new Bishop.
The things that were done by others were not done by him, and unless someone has evidence to the contrary, he wasnt involved in any coverups or other such behavior (the post last week about Cardinal Mahony in LA comes to mind).
This is a great area, and maybe he can do great things if given a chance.
His bio indicates that he has a well-rounded background academically, and that is important given the number of schools that the church oversees.
Let's give him that chance, and lay off the catholic-bashing for a while...

cheers, It's Mike

Yeah, pedophilia, criminal coverup, behaving like a deadbeat to avoid paying your debts, maltreatment of women -- let's give that organization another chance. They'll change their ways, one of these millennia, so long as we keep enabling them.

Yeah, pedophilia, criminal coverup, behaving like a deadbeat to avoid paying your debts,

Don't forget arguing that babies in the womb aren't real people when you might have to pay for them. Disgusting...


Regarding the update: I see it as the man having a backbone and standing up for a core belief that he had. Rare among leaders today.
Obviously he was over-ruled because the speech did take place, but why is it a surprise that a bishop would oppose a speech at a religious institution because the speaker held views that were opposite of the institution?
cheers, It's Mike

Er, maybe it's because the speaker is the leader of the free world, and the students might want to hear what he has to say? Because, ya know, it's an educational institution, where you're paying to learn stuff? Just a theory.

Isn't Notre Dame the school of that appalling stupid football player who had an on line, telephone, fake girlfriend whom he never actually met in person who was supposed to have died?
Maybe the students there just aren't that bright. Is this a reflection on the rest of the organization?

Ratzy has been pushing very hard to get extremely conservative bishops into the more liberal chairs in the US. Seattle, San Francisco and now Portland are three of the most liberal dioceses, and all now have new leaders that reflect Ratzy's impatience with dissent in the church. It's a shame.

Love the fetus, hate the child! (especially if they turn out gay!!!)

Boy, the liberals love to show the hate when it comes to Catholics. The irony is that they probably sport "coexist" and "celebrate diversity" stickers on their Prius.

If you said that some Muslims are accepting of pedophilia - you'd get banned. Calling Catholics any name in the book - totally acceptable around here.

BTW, Obama supports abortion even if the child is born alive. (Look at his vote in the Illinois Senate.) So yeah, we Catholics have a problem with him speaking and receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame.

I am not Catholic, but when I look at my wonderful in-laws with their big, kind hearts, I don't know how anyone can condemn an entire religion for the irreligious, reprehensible acts of some of their clergy. The system may have rot, but Catholocism does not. It's not my cup of tea, but keep your focus on the right target.

Yay for Jesus!

John, you don't speak for "we Catholics". I for one am glad that President Obama spoke at Notre Dame. Most of us survived now cardinal Levada when he was here and we will survive the new guy.

Pedophile coverup. Fake bankruptcy to avoid the financial consequences. That's all I need to know, for the rest of my life. And Irene, if you keep giving them your money (which is all they really care about), you're part of the problem.

I wish the American nuns would start their own church. I might go. But these creeps? No way.

Oh Gee, another reactionary Bishop with his nose in everyone business, lets hope not literally. What fun...

Just to clarify, I do not give any money to the catholic patriarchy.

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