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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Helter skelter

Hank Stern, former news editor of Willamette Week, is moving from Multnomah County flack to "chief of staff" for county commissioner Loretta Smith. Stern, a fellow New Jersey expatriate, left journalism for government about a year and a half ago; he's moved up the ladder quickly. Or down, depending on your perspective.

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You may have hit on the solution to the upcoming failure of the "O", Jack.

Each element of each layer of state, local, city, regional and county government should use their vast pool of experienced journalists to publish THEIR OWN multiple newspapers and just let the "O" die a natural death.

I challenge someone more familiar than I to draw a flow chart ... no... maybe a family tree of the genealogy of the work experience of all of this public/private/publishing/consulting/back to public job shuffling.

These county commissioners work 10 hours a week. What exactly does a chief of staff do and why is he needed?

What better way to promote "public/private partnerships"?

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