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Monday, June 4, 2012

Does Portland need another Last Thursday?

Given the problems that the existing one has, we're surprised that someone's suggesting it. But at least one guy's determined to institute a Second Wednesday event -- in the Central Eastside Industrial District, of all places. It will be interesting to see whether the people who actually want to maintain their businesses in that neck of the woods sign on for the monthly bacchanalia.

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The goal apparently is to have a monthly hipster street party every night.

Are there that many bad artists to fill all of these evenings every month?

Are there that many bad artists to fill all of these evenings every month?

Yes, there most certainly are.

And everyone can ride the trolley to this too!
Oh goody, goody, goody!

Keeping hipsters thrilled and preoccupied with bread and circuses keeps them from paying any attention to the bigger(=$$$) issues swirling over their heads.

Hey, if he gets all the proper permits and insurance coverage, pays for police overtime and portable toilets, etc., etc., more power to him. What grates about Last Thursday is the sense of entitlement among its vendors and visitors -- Permits? Don't harsh the buzz, man. -- and how the City Council has indulged it for so long.

"Keeping hipsters thrilled"

Why would they care? They're probably part of the 50% that pay minimal income taxes and if they rent, they don't pay property taxes.

You need to understand how the mind works and bright/shiny trinkets will always distract the less analytical.

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