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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Urban League takes another hit

Still reeling from a financial scandal involving its CEO's expense accounts, now the Urban League of Portland has lost an important state grant on account of poor performance, even after receiving prior warnings. The grant was to help get poor children enrolled in government healthcare programs.

At least the local media was kind enough to soft-pedal the story on the holiday weekend, when it would get completely lost. The old 9 p.m. Friday posting trick strikes again.

We continue to wonder how members of the board of this organization can continue to hold on to their positions. Gents, it's time to bow out gracefully.

Comments (6)

That's $550 per application.

"We continue to wonder how members of the board of this organization can continue to hold on to their positions."

Considering Portland-area public institutions, elected or not, you'll need to come up with something less generic to describe any of these people.

There is NO accountability or responsibility required of government employees. All hiring and promotions are quota required or trying to keep a dirty little secret BURIED. Government employees do not give a cr#p about the tax payer. ALWAYS remember, greedy wealthy business owners are selfish and really should pay more.
Simple diversionary tactic.

t pay more.

That's a nice set of talking points you've got there, Fancy. Only, the Urban League isn't a government bureau: It's a national, non-profit group whose mission is advocacy and service on behalf of minorities.

I worked at Multnomah Co. when the fiscal/program compliance work began. There was usually tip-toeing around orgs with problems that were minority-run. And don't forget - Lolenzo Poe used to be a department director at the county.

Fancy Pants parroting the one percent's talking points!

How about a stint in teacher's shoes, or come to the Ore.
State Hospital and help out, dangerous with low pay.
How about walking the cell block at the Pen, or do you advocate turning them all loose and closing it down along with all government too. Wanna crawl down in the plugged sewer line because that responsibility became yours since it is in front of your house? Then there is water. Where are you going to get that?
How about the street you drive on? Be responsible to maintain it in front of your house, and your business too if you have one? Better hope yours isn't a freeway.
And remember State Employees pay taxes too, and most do give a crap, probably more than the folks working in servitude to a business boss trained to make his captive audience employees miserable.

Close down the government which is the goal of the driving force
Grover Norquest and the 1%.

So, How about cutting through chase and add to this list of new responsibilities or lost services when shut down. Could be pages long.

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