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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best news we've read all day

And we've got more than a decade to work on our sales pitch.

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Pay your kids to elope! and offer up part of a down payment on someplace to live!
Have a nice beer and brats party in the back yard or a pot luck. THE best wedding I ever went to was a pot luck affair.
Everyone went all out on food...magnificent day!

The dresses come prepackaged, six to a package.

The dresses come prepackaged, six to a package.

And a $3 instant rebate!

LOL Sludge puppy!

So, if you get the dress there, can you do the reception there too, and just have the guests hit up the free samples?

Dressing rooms? Or schlep them back and forth to your house in the rain until you get the right fit/style?

And, do you get to try it out (ie, wear it for the Big Day) and then return it like you do with electronics???

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