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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn

The story of Michael Jackson's way-over-the-top final resting place brings to mind this wonderful song by one of the great folk voices of the late 20th Century.

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Agreed on one of the great folk voices of his time... one, two, three, four, what are we fighting for.... (update the lyrics a bit and hey)

Wasn't that ("Fixin' to Die Rag") written by by Country Joe McDonald?

My favorite film take-off on Forest Lawn remains THE LOVED ONE with stellar performances by Jonathan Winters in a duel role as the Blessed Reverend and his brother and Rod Steiger as mommy's boy mortician, Mr. Joyboy.

"But, Mr. Joyboy, you've given him the Radiant Childhood smile."

"Yes, don't you like it?"

"Oh, I like it, of course, but his Waiting One did not ask for it."

"Miss Thanatongenos, for you the Loved Ones just naturally smile!"

"Oh, Mr. Joyboy."

"It's true, Miss Thanatongenos. It seems I am just powerless to prevent it. When I am working for you there's something inside me says 'He's on his way to Miss Thanatongenos' and my fingers just seem to take control. Haven't you noticed it?"

"Well, Mr. Joyboy, I did remark it only last week, 'All the Loved Ones that come from Mr. Joyboy lately,' I said, 'have the most beautiful smiles.'"

"All for you, Miss Thanatogenos."

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