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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Governor Ted doesn't like Paulson stadiums deal

The bill that would siphon state income taxes off "major league" soccer players' salaries to fund a new stadium for the Paulson family passed the Oregon House today, 33-26. But lo and behold, the governor may not sign it even if it gets through the Senate:

Anna Richter Taylor, the governor's spokeswoman, stopped short of using the word "veto."

The governor doesn't like the bill and won't sign it, she said.

Good enough for us. But how long before Little Lord Paulson sweet-talks him into it? Plus, don't understimate the charm of Fireman Pele and Mayor Creepy.

Meanwhile, now the poor souls on the Lents neighborhood advisory committee on "urban renewal" are getting their arms twisted by the Paulson people. What's next? Screwing around with the meeting schedule to coincide with the opponents' vacation plans?

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Supporters argued that major league soccer is a clean industry that will create jobs and spotlight Portland as a world-class tourist destination.

How is creating a tourist destination for people all over the world a "clean" industry? How is shuttling a couple dozen athletes around the country a few times a week "clean"?

Portland as a world-class tourist destination.

Such a load. U.S. "major league" soccer is pretty much laughed at elsewhere in the world. As a soccer tourist draw, the Portland Timbers would probably rank no. 500 in the world.

As for the "clean" greenwash, it's just typical Portland eco-babble. The airport is "green." Forty-story skyscrapers are "green." Windows that open are "green."

Portland as a world-class tourist destination

Right up there with Columbus and Kansas City

For what it's worth, phone messages for Kulongoski can be left on his "Citizen Comment line" at 503-378-6827 if you want to let him know what you think of the Paulson Tax Gift, House Bill 2531. Someone might listen to the messages. (Dial '1' from PDX)

Sounds like Kulo is fishing for a donation to his favorite charity. Or maybe a job for his kid.

The House Revenue Committee capped the stadium fund at $5 million over a 30-year period. Since III reportedly got a $5 million discount on the soccer franchise from MLS, why is he bothering with state funds at all? His nickle-and-diming is really offensive. Tone-deaf? More like completely out of touch with the everyday lives of Portlanders.

Mister Tee beat me to it ... the only politicians who matter who haven't tried to their hands in the trough in this deal are Kulongoski and Ted Wheeler / MultCo Commissioners. All of the other folks are either of the Sam and Randy ilk or willing to do favors to get favors later.

I'm crossing my fingers on Wheeler holding the line on responsibility, but not holding my breath (like he has any pull on the stadium deal anyway).

Looks like Ted did not get his personal payoff on that sportspork project like the $187,000 he got in Fall 2006 from Nike to cheerlead in favor of the UO Nike arena in Eugene.

the governor doesn't have to sign the bill for it to become law.

"the governor doesn't have to sign the bill for it to become law."

If he refuses to sign it (veto from latin vi to forbid) it can still be passed over his veto by a 2/3 majority of each chamber (40 state reps and 20 state sens if every member votes).

This rarely occurs-legislation rarely has 2/3 support but it is a possibility.

vit, not vi, sorry

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