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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He got game

Back when the Blazers were pretty hopeless, friends in high places would give me free tickets just to see what I'd say about the games on this blog. Now that the bandwagon's rolling again, those opportunities have dried up, but I still remember some things I learned back in my days in the black seats.

One of them was that this Seattle product is one serious baller.

He is proving that fact with regularity these days. Good for him.

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Winning the slam dunk contest by jumping over Dwight Howard was rather remarkable too.
Nice to see this Indiana game also included an ex-Blazer sighting where you don't have to cringe: Jarrett Jack in the house.

OK, OK, so he is the new improved Bassy (how soon we forget.)

I'll give you that he does have the jumps.


Robinson has way more game than Telfair ever will. The kid can simnply put the ball in the hoop, something Telfair has never been able to do. And check out his rebounding at maybe 5'7"

There is no serious comparison between Robinson, who is a star in the making, and Telfair, who has always been vastly overrrated.

I grant you Robinson is light years ahead of Bassy, but small guards are just too easy to shut down when they face a good defensive team (like 75% of the teams in the playoffs.)

I still think we got the best recent UW grad, however. That you can't disagree on can you?

Of course not, Roy is well on his way to being one of the top 10 players in the league. We're just sayin' don't insult Robinson by comparing him to Telfair.

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