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Friday, December 19, 2008

Special people in a special place

Yesterday was an important day at the Sarah Palin household. Not only was it the due date for the new arrival, but also this happened.

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If this isn't proof of Palin's pregnancy cover up I don't know what is, is

wouldn't a doctor know, with fair certainty, if a woman had given birth before?

so, if Bristol Palin gives birth, the doctor will know the scoop about any "coverup."

Oooh... those holiday gatherings will be such fun this year.
This poor child could eventually have 2 grammas in the pokey; one for drugs, and one for malfeasance in office.

I am waiting to see if this thing turns out to be true. I have been saying it is a cover-up and people just don't believe me. If there is a baby by Jan. 10, I will believe, if not??? I will believe.

I am waiting. Where is the Alaska Paparazzi?

They're both out moose hunting.

Hey, Bristol, let's go over to your place. My mom's busy making crank.

Gotta love those Wasilla-ites and their red-blooded American family values.

Guns for every man, woman and child? Check.

Teen pregnancy? Check.

Dropping out of high school? Check.

Methamphetamine manufacturing?* Check.

(* - I haven't heard confirmation of the type of drugs she is charged with manufacturing, but everyone within earshot is guessing it's meth, since Wasilla is the meth capital of Alaska.)

Hey none, u forgot "bearing children out of wedlock"

I'm surprised there are so many people whose families are completely without teen pregnancies, kids having problems in school, drug abuse or crime. It must be great to go through such a pleasant, trouble-free life, but I think it's really lame to criticize someone else who has stepped forward as a public servant, but has a family more like the rest of us. Now you can all hyperventilate about what a d**k I am for expressing empathy for Palin, but a discussion of her beliefs or her qualifications (or lack of same) to claim leadership of the GOP would be much more uplifting this holiday season than the weekly "BoJack Palin Family Report". Bob

but I think it's really lame to criticize someone else who has stepped forward as a public servant

Change the names involved to Obama and Robinson, and tell me again how you feel.

Hi Chris, I don't follow you. I've never written anything critical (or otherwise)about Obama's family. And I don't follow the reference to Robinson. (The Beaver basketball coach?) To be clear, I think its fair game to argue about policy and the ethics and competence of the political figure himself(or herself). The Alaska trooper deal was fair game. So is Rezko. But all this stuff about children and in-laws is really lame, and, yes, I completely stand by it, and I will say the same thing about any dope who takes a similar tack on the President-elect's family. Bob

Levi's mother was arrested by Alaska State Troopers, not the Wasilla PD. Hmmmm. This must be part of Palin's coverup: either an attempt to intimidate Levi's mother into keeping quiet about the true maternity of Trig or a legal maneuver tantamount to a shotgun pointed at Levi's back to force him to marry Bristol. Troopergate Part II?

O-Bob, great comments. Thanks

Gossip needn't be false to be evil - there's a lot of truth that shouldn't be passed around. ~ Frank A. Clark

Uh, One article says Dec 18 is the due date, the other says this Saturday (Dec 20)...

I went with the story that quoted the baby's father.

Yeah bob I agree with you as well. I think, to be fair, a lot of the criticism of Palin's family issues go not towards the Palin's themselves but towards the republican party. If you are going to make values part of you party then it is a fair criticism, as a matter of policy and ethics, to question the nomination of a woman such as Palin. On the other hand, I think that Obama should really consider putting spinners on his town cars. Fuzzy dice would be acceptable.

Wouldn't the story of these two mother-in-laws make for a wacky movie? Kind of like the "Odd Couple?"

If the kids are really "in love" and want to do what is best for their child, why hasn't there been a Wasilla wedding yet?

I don't get it.

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