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Monday, December 15, 2008

Greed never takes a snow day

Distracted by the weather and the holidays? That's what the developer weasels are hoping for. They and their politician servants are heading into that smoke-filled room tomorrow -- no reporters, please -- to hatch yet another new version of the infernal Oregon Convention Center hotel.

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Since when can officials legally meet in secret to plan public policy?


Whups, posted in the wrong place. Comment to prior post notes a column by Dave Zirin in the new Progressive magazine about "Little Merritt" Paulsen following in Dear Old Dad's footsteps and attempting to bilk the taxpayers to support his privately owned sports teams.

Here's the link for Zirin's piece on the Paulsen Gang. Sorry for the mixup.


Alas, JK, it may not be legal but this has been happening for years...and just look at the results!

The way this thing is going to be built is right there in the story. Since it will qualify as a "massive infrastructure project", you can bet they'll be going after some Federal money courtesy of whatever ginormous stimulus program Obama puts into place... The same money that the Gov. wants to spend on universities and the rest of us on the Sellwood...

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