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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight

Here's a fine satellite view of the snow conditions in and around Portland as of last Tuesday.

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Great picture, thanks Jack. Hard to believe that is a full week ago, before the big accumulation.

When I first saw the bare spots to the south and east of us, I was surprised. But then I saw the date of the image, which made it make sense.

BTW, at this hour, snow is beginning to melt at our place.

Wow, impressive.

I'd love to see an updated one since Saturday!

One thing that was definitely 100 times better because of the snow was Peacock Lane on a Monday night with no wind. The best effect was a round bush with lights on it that had been covered with snow so the bush had a glowing multi-colored dome on top.
There was hardly any traffic and only around 30 people spread out on the sidewalks. The houses are excellent to start with and with the snow on the roofs and lawns, they crossed over to picturesque overload.
But the main visual was looking down the length of the street and seeing no cars - just snow, houses and lights. Postcards from Norman Rockwell only with special effects thrown in.
It looked like a New England village on magic mushrooms.
This thing started in 1929 and last night - given the record snowfall and advances in Christmas light technology - could have been its finest hour.

I got home today and it was freaky driving back from PDX at 8 AM. No cars anywhere, the Willamette is covered with a thin layer of ice, etc. It's beautiful now that I made it back....

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