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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I feel like goin' back

Today's a travel day, back to Portland. We've been on the road for six days -- heard the news about Opie in the cab on the way to PDX.

As usual, we'll give readers a chance to guess where we've been. Depending on wireless internet access at the airports, we'll drop some hints along the way. Here's the first one: Bob was back at work.

Comments (9)

New York City.

Viva Dave Letterman

Washington DC? I recently read somewhere that Bob Packwood is still working. Hide your secretaries!

New York City.

Well, now that THAT is settled, anyone want to guess what the next airport will be? I say Chicago.

I think he was soft rocking last night at Kenny Loggins B-Day gig in Santa Barbara, CA.

That's priceless, meg.

It's gotta be New Jersey


Ah, "meg," always such positive vibes.

My guess is "SEATTLE"

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