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Monday, August 27, 2007

How was your Hood to Coast?

For a couple of state troopers, it was eventful.

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It was Uneventful to me as soon as i Figured out what all those lights bobbing in the dark meant and that these folks weren't pushing grocery carts stolen from the mega mart.
I got My Semi off The Road Lost a few hundred Dollars But Did bot Have to do any Paper work or Power wash The Tires.

I'm glad things turned out well for her. We went by just moments after she went down, and the people were already helping out. She looked seriously bad, so I'm glad they were able to turn it around and bring her back.

After dodging a H2C'er who decided to dive out in front of my moving vehicle in the parking lot of Starbuck's, having to repeat "excuse me" three times to her group congregating directly in front of Starbuck's door, and almost coming to blows with another who tried to stop me from entering a space I'd been waiting for in Freddie's parking lot so that her buddy's van could park there instead.... yeah, uneventful. That all happened before 10am. I stayed home the rest of the day.

I know it's only one weekend a year, but could these people PLEASE attempt to be considerate, respectful and decent to those of us who live in the communities they use for their little party? I swear, they act like they own the place and like all of us who still have to carry on our normal lives simply don't exist - or don't matter. It's the H2C! Everyone move aside!

I know they're all jacked up for their annual party and having a good time. I don't begrudge them that at all. I, myself, like a good party. But if another, less socially acceptable, group - like say a bunch of bikers - came through acting the way these folks do, no one would put up with it. But because they're health conscious (even when sloppy drunk?) yuppies, no one does anything, and you're a big ol' party pooper if you complain about them.

One team was shown on the news carrying a huge banner that said "Fuster Cluck." Now, I'll admit, I swear like a sailor and thought that was pretty funny, but it was far from appropriate. Try explaining why that's OK to your pre-teen son.

I don't know of one person up here who likes the H2C run. But we'd certainly be more accepting if the runners and their support groups didn't use our streets, yards and driveways as garbage cans, toilets and/or their own personal - and exclusive - parking and gathering places.

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