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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Moving experience

Another Portland earthquake tonight, and I missed it. I was out running errands and didn't feel a thing.

According to the coordinates given by the U.S. Geological Survey -- 45.516°N, 122.648°W -- and Google maps, the quake was centered under Colonel Summers Park in the Buckman neighborhood in the southeast quadrant of town. A 2.6, 10 miles down. KGW's rattling on at the moment about it being downtown, but I can't figure out where they're getting that.

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Everyone was trying to tell me it was the wind that shook my building, but I've never felt wind do that. I was very happy when my earthquake theory was confirmed. I'm suprised it took the news so long to report.

They were getting that it was downtown from the original map the USGS was putting up via Google. This change to it being in Buckman is pretty recent. It also makes it even weirder that I didn't feel it while I was outside smoking, since I'm at SE 15th and Belmont.

The crucial question, I think, is what you were smoking.

Back in January, we had one at East 31st and Burnside. Now this one at 17th and Belmont. I really wish they hadn't stirred up the Chinese ghosts in that corner of the Lone Fir Cemetery and told them that they were going to be dug up for condos. This is what you get when you do stuff like that.

I don't smoke that crap. But more importantly, thank you for finding that other quake. I swear I posted about it, but I'm not finding it. That one I remember feeling very specifically.

Heh, only kidding about the smoke, of course.

Maybe if you were right over the quake, you wouldn't feel it? As I say, I was out and about -- in the "Hollywood West" Fred Meyer, I think -- when the bumps hit. No action over there.

Well, my neighbor in the apartment right next to mine was inside at the time and felt it. It's just that I and the two other people out on the front porch didn't. Who knows.

We felt it in Woodstock. That 10 miles is a fixed value in the preliminary calculation, not the actual depth.

The USGS site says "15.7 km (9.8 miles) set by location program." Whatever that means.

Definitely felt it at SE 23rd & Stephens...felt like something hitting our house. I ended up going outside to check to see if a tree had fallen, though I suspected a quake.

Last I heard on KGW they were calling its epicenter by City Hall. Colonel Sumners is where our son Parker hangs out and plays basketball.

The first report was somewhere in Raleigh Hills, though. It felt strong for what was essentially a pretty small earthquake. It's disconcerting to feel your house move, and we're on bedrock here, not alluvial fill like much of close-in SW.

Felt it real good near 82nd Avenue. Two quick jolts that shook the whole house.

Felt in at 39th and Divison. It rumbled at first like a furnace going on, then there must have been an after shock or shook something lose, cause I thought someone was breaking in, and I went down to investigage, but nothing, then the news reports came on.

We felt it at NE 72nd and Alberta. I thought it was a big wind gust, too. The other quakes I've been in definitely rolled...this one was much different.

Felt it at NW 25th and Johnson/Westover. Wasn't too big, but more than the upstairs neighbors pounding around on the floor.

Felt it at Albina and Skidmore. Sounded like a large male ran across the roof. Loud banging and shaking.

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