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Portland Public Schools releases further

data on high school plans


Portland Public Schools has shared additional information this week as the Portland School Board and the broader community consider key elements of the proposed plan to change PPS high schools.


School board members are set to take a key vote on Monday, March 8, endorsing the goals and principles of the plan. The resolution, first introduced on Monday, Feb. 8, has been revised by the board to reflect their input following more than a year of board discussions and staff and community engagement. (See the draft with changes marked.)

Information provided to the Portland School Board and posted online includes:

  • A review of past and future enrollment projectsion and their accuracy.
  • A detailed analysis of the high school core program at each community school, including how it would help raise graduation rates and close the achievement gap, possible changes in elective offerings and budget implications of various options for community school size and number.
  • Findings from a recent Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall survey of parents and students about their interest in proposed districtwide focus high schools.
  • Results of discussions with high school staff at all of the school district’s nine comprehensive campuses.

Read the information packet.


On Monday, board members will consider a resolution outlining the design elements of a PPS High School System and directing Superintendent Carole Smith to develop a proposal detailing:

•    The core program offered at each community comprehensive school.
•    The number, size and location of those schools.
•    The uses of campuses not utilized as community comprehensives.

Under the resolution, Superintendent Smith has 45 days to complete her work and present a proposal to the school board. School board and community engagement around the proposal will follow, with final decisions occurring by June, with implementation for fall 2011.

More information on the process to design a PPS High School System is available online.


The Portland School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 8, at the Blanchard Education Service Center, 501 N. Dixon. Board materials and agenda will be posted. If you wish to testify, you may sign up before the meeting, or call the board office at 503-916-3741.





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