We all like to say that Portland is a place that values public education – that understands good schools are the foundation of a strong community.  There are times that we are called upon to turn those values into action.  This is one of those times, and that is why I am asking you to vote YES on the Portland School Bond (Measure 26-121) and the extension of the Local Option Levy (Measure 26-122).


Our schools need our help. Due to yet another round of state cuts, our schools are facing hundreds of teacher layoffs. Extending the Local Option Levy will prevent the layoffs of over 200 teachers.


Years of tight budgets and no money for facilities have brought our school buildings – averaging 65 years old - to the brink of no return. Our kids need safe and up-to-date places to learn. Simply put, we cannot put off fixing these problems.  The bond starts the big job of fixing our schools responsibly and accountably. The cost of the bond puts us only in the middle of the pack compared to surrounding school districts that have newer schools and fewer issues.


I urge you to join me in voting YES for schools today. To learn more or see the broad range of endorsers, check out the Portlanders for Schools website.


Don’t forget to cast your vote for Portland Public Schools Board of Education. I’m supporting the following candidates, and encourage you to do so as well!

  • Ruth Adkins (Zone 1 – Southwest Portland)
  • Matt Morton (Zone 2 – inner North and Northeast Portland)
  • Bobbie Regan  (Zone 3 – Northwest Portland)
  • Greg Belisle (Zone 7 – Southeast Portland )

Election Day is May 17th, so send in your ballot today or take it to one of Multnomah County’s official ballot drop sites.


Let’s prove that we are still a community who believes in our schools. 



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