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Thursday, April 4, 2013

When they know they're right, they won't shut up

Here are the Portland police officers going on and on and on about the guy who shot at them. "I thought I was going to die -- I was terrified -- he pointed the gun right in my face -- I thought of my family." Oh, the drama. And then they killed him.

But when the PoPo shoot or beat some innocent, unarmed guy to death, they refuse to say a thing, except years later, when forced to, in a courtroom. It makes it so easy for the world to see when they're in the wrong in a killing. The more they clam up, the guiltier they are.

UPDATE, 8:20 p.m.: A knowledgable reader adds: "You know what's interesting? Grand jury proceedings are not recorded in Oregon. Every attempt to ever require recordings has been opposed by the district attorneys association. The only suspects ever given recorded grand jury proceedings are police officers, and this is done by discretion of the D.A."

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I thought Grand Jury proceedings were kept secret.

A great note on which to end this blog. With a complete understanding of the split-second, terrifying, horrible, and necessary decisions police face. Glad you finally got there.

BTW, grand jury transcripts in police shootings in Portland have been published for some time.

Last year the transcripts for a grand jury was released. At the time, I was very surprised, I served on the Mult county grand jury a couple of years ago and we were reassured that our notes and transcripts were secret. I think that is important for the grand jury process to work properly.

Did anybody mention the shooter as many others today likely committed suicide by Cop? Iraq vet they say.

It's not easy to visit a foreign land, shoot or wound a few people, watch them die before your eyes, then come home and pick up life where you left off as the horror of war never leaves you.

Especially when you realize you did it for... er, Exxon...

Hate's an ugly emotion. Wish we did more for the mentally ill on our streets.

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